The hobbling blogger

More hobbling today, curse it. Worked hard on my assorted projects all day - if I can't walk much at least I can manacle myself to the desk. Focusing more on the business side of the blogging today, with some success. Aim to keep this going.

Managed, however, to hobble down to The Shahi with Lorraine to meet Malcolm and Lynn, who were waiting for us there for a pleasant night. Interesting to hear from Malcolm about his cartooning, which he is doing lots now, and quite successfully. Meanwhile learned from Lynn about her family's propensity to spring out of wardrobes at each other. One of her sons has taken to stealthily filming himself springing out on his mother too.

Malcolm drove us back up the hill, which proved rather embarrassing as we were circling the streets for about for 20 mins trying to find a parking space. In for a hot drink, before our guests left and we opted for bed and painkillers.