Struggling with octopuses

I want to get all my own projects, business, admin, writing, submissions and so on sorted out and shipshape before doing some paid work. To do this sort of thing I usually make mind maps, but these have so many legs and branches that they look like ornate octopuses. It is telling me I need to simplify.

Lorraine working from home this afternoon. In other news, Calliope is self harming. Lorraine drove her off to Top Cats this evening and it the mystery scabby patches on her face seem to be self-inflicted scratches, probably due to being stressed by the house moves, a bullying ginger tom next door and so on. While Lorraine and Calliope were doing this, I was at the chiropractor's again, for more clicky stretchy fun. My back is now improved to the point where it is merely painful from time to time.

Giving Calliope soothing attention this evening. Later we stepped out to the nearby Park View pub in a gale, to join Beth and John for a quick and cheeky drink. John feeling like a millionaire and buying us drinks because his student loan came through. A nice end to the day.