Into a symbolic world

Crossing things of my big list. Things like sending off advertising concepts, paying tax and other essential bits. I feel that I am getting to the point of being in control.

A particularly interesting afternoon with Helen Russell. Spent three hours listening to her sketches on the piano and exploring the terrain of the idea we are working on. This is taking us deep into mythology, symbol and so on. And some time sitting at a table, looking at books tracing mythological beings, and the meanings of certain symbols. I'm beginning to get to know how Helen's mind works, and it is fascinating working with a composer again.

Walked back from her place in Hove at five, as it was getting dark. I was enjoying walking, despite a sudden ear thing affecting my sense of balance.

A cheery evening with Lorraine and Beth. Lorraine feeling clearer and more decisive about her work options after last night, and having some conversations with other colleagues today. Beth cheery after a reunion with her pals in Kingston. Watched a movie called Best in Show, about show dogs, which was bizarrely rather fun.