Are YOU on Spotify?

So an unexpected day at home as mum was not well with a sudden onset of cystitis. So instead Lorraine and I spent it cheerily doing small things to the house, although this business necessitated bending my thumbnail back and it filling with blood while on a ladder. Other than that I emerged unscathed and we got quite a bit done. Although at one point I had to step aside and let Lorraine and Beth heft something due to my back. Rather unmanning to watch the womenfolk hard at work.  Luckily, however, my back pain has retreated enough for me to sleep, which is rapidly improving life. The constant pain and minimal sleep I've had since the beginning of the year are not a winning combination. My flying start to the year has been rescheduled for February.

Lorraine and I then took a turn about the park looking at plants and smelling the first flowers.Home after our walk, pausing at Choice Cuts to buy two little feta and spinach pies (weirdly mixed with minty peas however, which was in every way wrong). Laura came to visit Beth, and they sat in Beth's room lying in bed eating pizza, and laughing uproariously. Lorraine had some work to do so I downloaded Spotify, to which we now have a family membership. I first signed up to it years ago, but in the interim it has become a thing of wonder, although it is easy to find music that isn't on it. However, I was rather startled to find the Pollard & Kenny album Clameur there. This gave me the opportunity to ask people in the house airily if they were on Spotify yet. I found they weren't, giving me ample opportunity to explain that I was.

Lorraine and I had supper watching Last Tango in Halifax. I diced with danger and had a sweet glass of PX sherry too. Although I am off boozes at present.