Horrible news

Up early on Saturday feeling the need to write something. Not much happening but the will is there. Returned to bed armed with tea later, and simply fell asleep again. A stormy night and morning in Brighton. The second story on my Guardian iPhone app after more on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, was that that two men had been swept out to sea at Brighton. At the end of the evening, Dawn contacted Lorraine to say that one of the men was their friend Helen's son Freddie. Lorraine extremely upset about this. Having met Helen several times I felt awful for her too. Freddie had gone into the sea to save a friend who was in trouble and they were both lost in what had been a force 9 gale.

This a sad end to a nice day, Lorraine and I having returned from a date night locally in the Preston Park Tavern, having some food and a drink. I'd spent the morning pottering about, having slept fairly well and then went into town to meet Lorraine who'd got up early to have her hair done. As usual it looked longer than when she went in, despite her saying in bed that it would be shorter this time. We did some shopping splashing out wildly on some furniture, and then eating some cheap Thai grub in The Giggling Squid.