Cream tea with the Tobster

An atrocious night's sleep courtesy of the trapped nerve in my back. As foot and knee are fine now, it's good to know I still retain a vigorous source of pain.

A lovely day however. Though poor Lorraine up and working this morning. And Toby and I walked and talked down through Preston Park and into Brighton. A beautiful sunny day, after looking at bedside cabinets in Heals that Lorraine saw online, we stopped at the Mock Turtle for a cream tea like the Crane Brothers. Dangerously large dollops of cream and jam, and scones like small fruity loaves. We seem to do this every time Toby comes over. From there we strolled about on the pier, which and Toby whipped out his big zoom camera to capture the shadows the low sun gave the waves.

Fond farewells with the Tobster, and he began the long slope home, and I hopped aboard the trusty 5B and was home in a trice.  Then I sat about at home moaning about my back for a while, then a cowboy arrived out of the blue and spoke to Beth about roof gutters. Beth referred him to Lorraine and we hired him to pull out a few ornamental plants that had established themselves in the gutter for £20 at a rate of work that was about £1= one second.

Then to Top Cats at Patcham, with Calliope (aka Scabbiope) who has a slightly scabby face. Calliope took a dim view of the drive but the delightful vet there is so gentle with her, that she put up with being injected and inspected with only a murmur of disapproval.

Home and the lovely Dawn arrived shortly afterwards. We had a great night chatting and drinking a little bubbly that she brought with her. Dawn is the tops.

Below Toby, with a weirdly warped head due to the way I was holding the iPhone; Cream tea; a view from Brighton Pier.