Two by two

Lorraine working from home today, so she did not have to drive around the county, but instead got down to her work. Had lunch with her, which is always good. Laughing about the card we received from Lynn & Malcolm of a person springing out of a wardrobe.

All kinds of correspondence to attend to for some reason. Then off for a long walk in the afternoon, just because I could. A few errands in town such as buying light-bulbs, and then down briefly to the darkening sea where I saw the new moon through in a gap in the clouds. All is well. I seem to be gripped by this stupid superstition of trying not to first see the new moon through glass. I was just feeling happy to have been able to do a walk of over 10k paces, and get some fresh air.

Then back inland a hundred yards to the chiropractors who got cracking in all kinds of ways. Home again, brandishing a bar of chocolate for Lorraine who had been working writing wretched reports all day.

Beth, who was in this evening, Lorraine and I watched a movie about Noah. The Noah story is fascinating to me, and the film, which while interesting was less than the sum of its parts.

A rather nice chicken stew was eaten while we were watching it though.  And my lovely wife discovered a packet of Christmas pistachio nuts in the back of the cupboard, which were guzzled.

Below: Noah featured some fallen angels who looked like this.