New Year's Day

Fairly fresh and hangover free on the first day of the year, which is always a good thing. A slow start, having had a poor night's sleep due to the pesky trapped nerve in my back. But surprisingly sparkly this morning. Made off to the local shop first thing to buy bacon and eggs, and Lorraine, Toby and I had a cheery breakfast. Meanwhile Beth and her pal Amy stayed in bed all day, eating the Ace pizzas they'd acquired on the way home last night.

Phonecalls to a groggy Anton, and Lorraine drove us and Toby down to the sea to meet him, and we had a stroll about along the sea front. Windy, cold and bracing. After mooching about in this for a while, Anton took his hangover home, and we drove back home.

Toby and I sat chatting in the kitchen drinking coffee for much of the afternoon. As tea time approached, Betty and Amy emerged from bed.  Toby and I sloped off to meet Anton in the Preston Park Tavern for a cheeky drink. Anton arrived sporting his Russian hat, possibly in response to Toby's eclectic choice, like some kind of Dr Seuss character. Then back home for a lovely roast supper Lorraine had cooked. Our first meal of the new year saw Toby, Anton, Amy, Beth, Lorraine and myself sitting around the table.  Interesting to see Amy again, after she has now completed her studies and is working on a portfolio of various music related jobs, as well as some bar work up in Chester.

Anton, then Amy off into the wild. The rest of us sitting about chatting, and listening to tunes. A rather excellent day. Below Toby sloping down towards the old pier, hat ears a-flappin'. Toby, Anton and Lorraine; Toby, Lorraine and moi all huddling together for warmth. Random couple by the sea with a seagull overhead.