Getting ready for the new year

Last day before real life starts again. Unable to sleep, got up 2.30 and spent an hour or more in the kitchen drinking chamomile tea with an icepack on my back. Back to bed and fell asleep some time after 4. Spent the day explaining to Lorraine and Beth how much pain I was in (a great deal) much to their delight.

We took down the Christmas decorations, always a slightly melancholy moment, but then found and ate the Finnish chocolate Laura and Derek sent us that had fallen down the side of the sofa. An unusual treat, full of ginger flavour and dried fruit. Also we hung a few more paintings about the place, making it seem increasingly homey. Lorraine buzzing about purposefully before the work starts again.

Chatted with Janet, and will pop in to see her and Ken tomorrow on the way to another back appointment.

Watched Last Tango in Halifax, which is beautifully acted and written. And so the festivities drew to a close. The diet starts tomorrow, and Betty says she is stopping smoking too.