Pain again

Fresh pain today, with my knee suddenly painful and swollen, so back to hobbling. The cause is unknown, and I guess I will have to bother the doctor yet again. The last couple of months really have been undercut by pain and poor health. Luckily life is, in all other respects, pretty fine so mustn't grumble, eh?

Worked on social meeja stuff today, and had a nice tweeted conversation with Pascale Petit my favourite of the T.S. Eliot award finalists. Also worked in trying to get my other sites up to scratch, especially this one which has languished until now. Trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Calliope sat with me /on me most of the day, so at least I knew she wasn't self-harming.

Anton swung by this evening, forcing L and I to listen to psychobilly music on his new headphones, eating fish pie that Lorraine cooked with Anton and I looking on and being repelled by vegetables. I used Anton's presence an excuse to drink a couple of gin and tonics. These my knee feel worse. So I stopped. Bah. Anton home by taxi and Lorraine and I not long to bed with bad back and throbbing knee, bastards both.