Another day of honest labour. Although slightly less arduous today. Lorraine and I got up early, and drove off to Burgess Hill where we recycled bags of soil, and then went to Dorton reclaim, reclamation yard by the station festooned with various bits of architectural salvage. A fascinating place. Lorraine and I bought large pieces of broken slabs there to use in the great garden design. Amazing photos to be taken there, if you weren't on a mission.

Then home again, and carried the slabs down into the garden. Then the last of the black bags of soil off to the recycling by the racecourse, and then down to Lidl to do some shopping. It is definitely cheaper there, and there are things you can buy that aren't in sainsbury's.

Then home, a feed, and then the complex business of laying the pieces on the membrane with sand under them, in preparation to be surrounded by a river of cobbles and pebbles.

This done, tired at the end of the day, we simply sat on our patio and drank a can of beer, then Lorraine cooked a gorgeous fish curry, and we watched the beautiful black and white film Roma, on Netflix.

Two surfaces from the yard. Bricks and rusted iron.