Cobbles and pebbles

So girding our loins today for the arrival of 75 20kg bags of pebbles and cobbles. These arrived on palettes outside our house late in the morning, ferried across the road by a nice man with a powered pump truck. Lorraine and I carried a few bags through hugging them to ourselves like babies, I was feeling a bit weak and feeble having carried dozens of sacks of topsoil over the last couple of days.

Luckily I evolved a technique of slaloming down through the house with a wheelbarrow and a sack in it, enabling me to steadily shiftbags without killing myself. More of a bonus was the arrival of Beth and John. John carrying bags through like a trooper,  he said this was just like being the drum at a gig. Both of them being extremely helpful.

Huge volumes of stones emptied over what used to be our lawn. All quite dusty and white. John had to go to do a drum lesson and then a practice session. Betty stayed with us for dinner. I was very much relieved that we had got the bazillion cobbles and pebbles through the house with no fatalities.