Lorraine's birthday

Lorraine's birthday. Got up early and wrapped a couple of presents for her, and took her cards and pressies up with a cup of tea, followed by breakfast. I got her the CD version of Recomposed, by Max Richter and we lay in bed listening to it with the Juliette windows open on what was the warmest ever Easter Monday.

Up and a cup of coffee and we sat outside playing scrabble then Beth and John arrived, and Beth drove us off to The Royal Oak at Wineham. She was a bit nervous about driving everyone, but actually drove extremely well.

We arrived safely at the Royal Oak. Beth had phoned for a table, but we found this one was in a gallery of leering taxidermy. We relocated and found a nook, where only Lorraine could see a stuffed weasel in a case if she peered.

Once our eating was done, ploughman's for Beth and I, sausage and mash for John, and Chicken Caesar for Lorraine, we sat outside in the sun playing euchre. Lorraine and I able to enjoy Harveys straight from the barrel, and Lorraine able to have more than one of them as she was not driving.

Home again, safely, and we shared some roulade, before Beth and John left. Lorraine and I listened to the last few hits of Classic FM's yearly listener voted top 300 classic pieces. The Lark Ascending, a regular winner, won again.

Lorraine had a happy birthday, and I had a happy day too. The only blot on my copy book my failure to take any photos.