Happy gardeners

A day of work in the garden. Finished digging up the lawn. Finally perfecting my spade technique with the last row or so. Then dragging bags of earth up through the front of the house and into the car, and off to the recycling centre near the racecourse.  Hard work. Sacks of earth are not light. Who knew?

Home and the main job finished, Lorraine and I had hot showers on our aching backs, and luxuriated in a bit of a doze. Spoke to Toby on facetime, who is in Boston joining Romy for the weekend, who is on a short and prestigious business course in Harvard.

Lorraine and I then sauntered down to the Shahi where we had a cheeky curry there, for the first time in ages, and enjoyed a couple of lagers. Sabir gave us a warm welcome, and everyone still remembers our orders. Walked home then, for a spot of match of the day. Chelsea not playing today, but poor Brighton, the Seagulls, got thumped  0-5 by their visitors Bournemouth, and are now teetering near the relegation zone.