Lots of people

Sat at my desk with a sigh of satisfaction this morning, able to work on exactly what I wanted. April Fool! Workmen instantly started hammering on the roof next door, a matter of feet from my study ceiling, so cue stamping, the dropping of bricks just over my head, shovelling etc. Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy against me. Worked downstairs on my laptop, and this was much better.

Off then to London to meet Shaila by the Tate Modern. We sat in the cafe and chatted for hours. Lots going on in her life, including the death of her uncle who brought her up. Good to see her though. Seeing someone you have known since you were a spotty herbert at school is quite grounding.

Then we walked around Southbank and around Waterloo, I was on the hunt for a bookmark featuring London that I had promised Maureen I would find. Unable to find one, so I have resorted to the internet and have ordered one there.

Had a quick drink with Shaila in Vaulty Towers, where I have been with Anton, before I jumped on a train home. Phoned slightly annoyingly by baby suit from the new agency about the job I did for them, asking for something to be done that did not need to be done, but seemed unable to understand my simple explanation why it wasn't necessary. Luckily I got an email from the MD later, thanking me for everything and saying they'd use me again.

Spoke to Lorraine en route, and then went to The Evening Star to meet Glen, Richard, Steve and Nick for a beer. Glen's brother Sam and his girlfriend Eva arrived too. They have a side business of growing micro herbs and vegetables, which our regular vegetable delivery includes. Nick telling us some hair-raising stories about paragliding in the Himalayas. Turns out Richard's bike was stolen, which he found out as he left for home.

Home, by cab. Speaking to the lady driver about Sark, who said her family originated from there but had never been.