Nicely horrific

Lorraine up early and off, astonishingly, to the gym. I was up early too and began work on a sort of  horror essay for my other site, which I am hoping might be taken up by Horla. Writing it was helpful as it clarified a few ideas for me too. Tom arrived, at 8 am after his nightshift, and I had already been going for an hour. Spent all day writing or reading.

Still entangled in sorting out the pub for the 16th. Feeling a bit hot and slightly under the weather, but I went for two walks one up to Hollingbury, the other around Preston Park to make sure I got to 10k -- listening to Rosemary's Baby, which is efficiently crafted and nicely unpleasant.

Lorraine home and we simply went for an enjoyable fast drink at The Park View, and carried home a curry from Red Chillies. A bit of a brain dead TV for a while and then a fairly early night.