Woke up feeling somewhat hungover. Unusually, I had the idea for a complete short story, which, after feeding the cats, I simply wrote in bed for a couple of hours. It is called Little Horrors.

Got up feeling seedy and hungover, Lorraine and I were soon collected by Beth and John, Beth having hired a car, and we drove off to Stanmer Park, and had a nice long walk through the woods. Which proved the perfect way to recover. John and Beth charging about picking up the biggest fallen branches to menace each other and Lorraine and I with. Lots of dogs, which Beth and John are all goggle eyed over, having to give back Pippi now Rosie and Innis have returned. John showed me a film of Pippi greeting Rosie and Innis, and the little hound was ecstatic. Very sweet.

After we stopped off at a cafe for a cup of coffee and sat outside. We were attended to by tame robins who hopped onto the table to eat crumbs. Beth then drove us expertly home again.

Lorraine and I home and snoozed happily in the afternoon. All in all a good day. Chelsea playing Manchester United today in Manchester. A one all draw, so no potential for crowing.

Below Beth and a tiny robin, a tiny Beth and John hiding in the woods, and Lorraine and Beth tree hugging.