Sunday in the sun

Another day of outside work. Feel like I am in beginning training for the World's Strongest Man competition. Gardeners are the toughest people on earth. Carrying twenty bags of soil up through the house to the front garden. Lorraine and I did more shovelling, raking, and potting of plants, taking down a raised bed and so on. All in pleasant sun. Then at the end of the day laying down membrane over what used to be the lawn, to accommodate a million stones.

No trips to the dump today, as the Brighton marathon was being held, and there were ant lines of runners threading about, so many of the roads were closed. No skin off our noses however as we had loads to do.

Quite enjoyable to be working out in the fresh air, and I felt better at carrying the heavy bags again today. No need to go to the gym. Sat on the top of the decking and drank a beer at the end of the day in the sunshine surveying the building site of our garden, and feeling fairly pleased with our progress. It is good fun to be working on a big project together, with the cats getting involved from time to time.

Chatting with Clem next door, who gave us some beans to plant. He said it was a Cornishman's present, as he didn't want them anyway.

Chatted to Mum today.

Lorraine cooked again tonight, and made turkey burgers with chilli inside them, and we ate oven chips and mushy peas, which is not the sort of thing we normally eat, but was curiously delicious.

Below a view of the chaos that is our garden at the end of the day.