Vanished people

Up early and reviewing the story I had written yesterday, called Little Horrors, which I am very pleased with. I think this story, and the one I wrote immediately before it called The Dream Home are the best short stories I have written. I feel as if I have made a breakthrough. They are both very short, just a thousand and a half words each, but there's a lot in them.

Otherwise a day at home, working on bits and pieces. In the afternoon a jaunt into town. Had some coffee and worked on my pad making lists and prioritising stuff. Then home via Sainsbury's and made some food for Lorraine when she got back home.

Below, I read something online about how quickly the world would return to something like normal if all humans suddenly vanished. I have long enjoyed this fantasy, and seen glimpses of this otherworld in tumbled overgrown greenhouses in Guernsey. A derelict building at the bottom of Preston Park gave me another couple of snaps to add to this thought.