One more day for Lorraine

Finally finished reading Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe two books collected in one Penguin Classics edition by Thomas Ligotti. Now straight onto his philosophical non-fiction book about pessimism called The Conspiracy Against The Human Race. I find him a very interesting writer. 

Not an enormous amount going on. Bank accounts now at their lowest ebb, before my invoices start to get paid, with one due any day now. My brain not entirely focused today, for which I blame Anton.  I had a nice day writing and reading. Cooked, and then spent the evening chatting with Lorraine listening to Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon and other old singer songwriter types. Lorraine also negotiating with the neighbours to feed the cats when we are away. She has one day to go now before the end of term, I think I am looking forward to her being off work as much as she is.