Out with Anton

Weather has gone cold again. Frost this morning, and hail last night.

First day without any freelance work for a while. I focused on Nothing compares to you, my horror story. Slight banging on the roof of my study at 7:45, which caused me to swear, but after this initial noise they all left.  Worked on the story, went for a walk in the park, worked on the story and watched the lunchtime news and worked on the story again.

An interlude of an hour struggling with my Apple ID. Had to enter my password, which no longer seemed to work, and I was being sent pictures of Cardiff saying someone was trying to sign on there. I think the location was erroneous, and it was me signing in triggered this. But I ended up having to get in touch with Apple support to make sure I wasn't being compromised. Gah.

A pleasant evening out with Anton, a few bars, an enormous amount of chat as we hadn't caught up for some time and several beers that needed drinking. He'd been to Romania for work lately, and seen Transylvania and rather liked it. We talked about horror and gaming. Horror games exist apparently.

Home on the bus, and after cheese on toast, crept into bed beside my sleeping wifey.