Southerly ho

Time to come home today. A quiet morning, then we all made off to the local café where we had some fairly excellent breakfasts, ranging from vegan to my own, which included peppery breakfast haggis as part of the Scottish Breakfast mix. Then fond farewells with Sam, who may or may not come down to Brighton next week, and jumped in a cab with Jade to take us to Waverley station. Jade leaped out at the University, and we were in good time for our train.

A fairly unremarkable journey home, although the weather was spectacular and sunny, and Scotland looked lovely as Edinburgh slipped away. An ant line of people climbing up the steep hill of Arthur's seat outside the city. Edinburgh definitely a place I could live.

I finished The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, by Thomas Ligotti on the train. Lorraine listening to her Buddhism audiobook. A annoying elderly couple on the train we sat opposite, who tutted when we sat opposite them on our reserved seats.

At King's Cross zoomed over to St Pancras and were lucky to get a delayed train which stopped at Preston Park, trundled the case uphill and we were home at around nine o'clock. Cats intact, and pleased to see us. We settled down to watch the final episode of Fleabag. Jolly good it was too.

Sighing with pleasure slipping into our beds, having opted to sleep on the floor at Sam and Jade's place. Two cats on the bed. Sleep.