Whooshy and mystifying

A poor night's sleep and rather tired. Getting on with my writing, although my concentration not at its best.

Spoke to Mum who said that the neighbours next door, the ones with a phobia of life on earth and with concrete dogs in their garden, have apologised to Mum for being weird. This is good news, and makes her and Mas feel much happier at home.

Into town, popping in at the North Laine Brewhouse and The Eagle to ask about booking a space for people after the event which is happening on 16th May to celebrate Janet's work and achievements. It seems to have defaulted to me to sort this out reactivating feelings associated with being taken for granted which is pressing a few buttons. Then I bought a padlock and went to the gym. Got sweaty on the cross trainer. Sainsbury's. Then home to sit int he garden in the sun, although it was much colder than last weekend.

Feeling like I am missing Lorraine, and pleased when she got home. We ate an excellent salad, and watched the last episode of Star Trek Discovery, which was a bit whooshy and and a bit mystifying, and the action a bit like Battlestar Galactica, but more confused. Had to read the plot summary on Wikipedia to work out what it all meant.