A nite on the town

A fairly peaceful start to the day, up fairly late. Pottering about doing things in the house.

Lorraine out this evening to a ball for school. No other teachers were bringing their partners, so I was given a pass for the evening.  Lorraine looked very glamorous in a black dress and her red shoes from our wedding. I told her not to speak to any strange men.

Anton and I sloped off to have drinks in Brighton and Hove instead. Went to a variety of bars and a new burger place, where I had an admirable chicken burger and rosemary fries. We popped into a ghastly venue on Western Road, to see Bossa Love. We shouldered our way through security, to find we were the only punters. A beer, and sat at a table right infront of Richard and Silvana. It was all nice enough. We left after about half an hour, not a great feeling to be the entire audience walking out. Ended up at the out of the way Crescent, where some stag party folks talked to us, and at one point hoped to recruit us in their evening. Anton and I heartily pleased not to be on that particular night out.

Arrived home with top hat slightly askew after walking home.

Below Anton in the Paris House, and Bossa Love warming up before the audience arrives. I hope it did.