Tying up the week

Last day at Shadric's studio, and walked there upright like a human the back gyp having mostly worn off now. Midweek temperature now gone, and I felt a bit more energetic, but still had a paracetamol breakfast, and before bed as a bit achey.

As I was walking to work a former colleague, Helen asked about my availability. So I may have another substantial bit of work starting next week, fingers crossed. Arranged a call on Monday morning. A few more instructions from Pat and the gang up in Hampton. Had a quick stroll to buy a bit of lunch from the cafe. Chatting this afternoon about music and art with Shadric, a nice guy and a good designer. Then home a bit before five, and walked home. Lorraine working a bit late, so I finished listening to The Exorcist, which I had enjoyed. A robustly constructed story.

Lorraine home and tired after a long week for her. I nipped out to get a takeaway, and we luxuriated in being at home and watching Masterchef, and an early night.