A goodbye

A slow and cheery start to the day. Lorraine out to do a spot of shopping. I sent off a couple of poetry manuscripts, and listened to a wee bit more of The Exorcist.

Early evening, Lorraine and I walked down to The Station Hotel pub the other side of Preston Park Station, where we met Sarah and JD, Dawn, Steve Geliot and a few other friends and relatives of Sarah and JD who are moving permanently up to London next week. A cheery little group some of whom had been Lorraine's former neighbours. I had fun socialising, a chat with a young guy in the record business called Richard, who I really liked. A bit of drama as we began to leave, as Dawn's handbag had disappeared, but it turned out that a couple had moved tables to be away from our group as they were eating, had mistakenly picked it up.

Lorraine and I stopped off at Chilli Pickle on the way home, L having a wee starter while I sensibly opted for a chicken dhansak. Home and a bit of Match of the Day, which sent Lorraine asleep as usual.