Old friends and nice pizzas

Call with the agency that contacted me last week this morning, and it looks like there will be some work this week from them, which is excellent. Waiting for them to send me a contract, which didn't arrive till the evening. Still all well. I went to the gym in the afternoon, after writing my story in the morning.

In the evening I walked off to Anton's house, where Lorraine headed too. Christiane was over from Australia with her partner Sam who I met for the first time and liked a lot, and their toddler Sadie. Interesting to hear about their lives in Perth, in Western Australia. It's a very remote town. I remember reading about it in a book called The Boy Behind the Curtain, by Tim Winton. Lovely to see Christiane again, who I have always liked. Sadie a spirited, sweet natured little thing. The Godbairns there too and Anne, so a cheery evening all round. Oskar had been skiing lately, and loved it. Anton made his peerless pizzas.

Home fairly early, Lorraine somewhat washed out and tired.