Lawyers and designers

Worked in the morning from home this morning, getting a flying start on the work I'd picked up yesterday. A few distractions. A letter from a solicitor that I could not make head nor tail of. I phoned to explain I had a degree in philosophy, and worked as a writer but could not understand what their letter was trying to get at. Turned out it was something to do with not choosing to act as an executor. I hate language that's sole purpose is to obscure meaning. I bite my thumb at them.

The designer I met yesterday, who rejoices in the name of Shadric Toop, picked me up in his car at lunch time, and drove us to near the Withdean stadium to work in his studio office.  I had studio envy. It is a lovely place. He works on the top floor, and there is a pottery wheel, and pots in various stages of completion. Upstairs he has desks and a view out onto trees of his mother's garden. He's a nice guy and from all the work here and there in his studio a good designer. His mother is an artist too, as were his grandparents. Skype with Pat at his office.

Worked there for a few hours, and then I hobbled painfully back home in the teeming rain, and listening to The Exorcist. Very happy to creak down onto the sofa, and watch a bit of TV with Lorraine after I'd cooked.