Loping among friends

A poor night's sleep, although it did have a couple strikes of lightning nearby around midnight. Up to Hampton this morning, managed to tweak my back evilly just before I left home, and so spent the day loping unable to straighten my back, which made having to stand in a crowded train all the way to Clapham Junction somewhat tiresome. From Clapham to Hampton, able to sit and listening to The Exorcist. Where I loped along the streets to Pat, the French Bloke and Perky's lovely riverside office. The place full of friends, Keith was there too who came over and gave me a hug, and great to see Max, who was sitting on Michel's desk.

Pat and Michel then briefed myself and a designer called Shadric in their new downstairs place, with the river virtually lapping up against it. Shadric is from Brighton, and we spent rest of the day getting to grips with it. We were released back into the wild at around 4:30 and will be working from home on it, and I Shadric and I will work together in Brighton when we need to. Nice chat with Shadric on the way home, he sent formative early years in a band, which were signed up by a record company and then released, which was a disappointment. Since then he has been all about the design.

Loped home from Preston Park, and then gratefully to rest my stiff back, onto the sofa. Lorraine at the gym tonight, and we watched the new episode of Star Trek before bed.