Tracey stays

Luxuriating in bed this morning. Got up and bought some chewy brown bread, and made breakfast in bed. Then we walked down to Brighton Station to meet Tracey, and spent the day with her, mooching about in the North Laine having coffee, and popping into infinity foods. Then down to the sea and along the pier. A stiff wind blowing.

Home and then we all hung out chatting for hours in the kitchen, with Lorraine cooking vegan food for us. Trace is just about to have a few months in the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland. A change from working as a social media manager in California. She is born under a wandering star. Trace helped refresh my thinking on my writing projects, which I was in dire need of which was excellent, she is as ever interesting and interested company, and keen to hear about Lorraine's nursing experiences.

To bed, Lorraine rather tired today, Trace to bed early, and I watched Match of the Day before bed. A cheery day.