More glamour

Having to chase the new agency to get information today. However some stuff sent me, which I duly pored over. Luckily Valérie sent me some work to do from Paris, so I simply got on with that. Unbelievably, it is another shit job. This one about cow diarrhoea. The glamour. Still, all this keeps me out of trouble guv. I had got up early too, so I managed a bit more on the new story.

A few walks to stop the brain from seizing up. Have been listening to Horrorstör, a rather fun audiobook, a horror story set in a downmarket Ikea-a-like store.

Made one of Mum's layer pies, a firm favourite as a child. It is a pie, which I made in a bread tin, lined with pastry, and then layered with chopped onion and pork luncheon meat. Beaten eggs, a dash of milk mixed in with a bit of turmeric and black pepper, are then poured slowly into the pie, letting it settle in between the layers. It looked rather good once pulled out of the oven and rested. I cut it revealing stripes inside. Nice.

A quick walk around the nearby parks at lunchtime. Here is a magnolia tree opening up in the walled garden.