Flower power

I felt vey tired today, and Calliope as ever no respecter of weekends and was climbing on me at at six. A full day once we did get up. Took a mattress to the recycling centre, then bought some hardboard to do glasswork on, and then went to a garden centre, and Lorraine bought a few succulents and bags of gravel and compost.

Then off to Bolney village hall where there was a horticultural show of spring flowers. Lorraine's school had entered some, and the prize for the single tulip went to the school, which made me smile. Lots of snowy haired keen-eyed folk wandering about looking critically at daffodils and voting in boxes. If you were a member of the horticultural society you got a vote.

Then a cup of tea followed by a talk on the Modern Kitchen Garden by Barry Newman, I enjoyed saying loudly to Lorraine that she had told me it was Gary Numan. Weirdly, as we are just planning on doing more stuff to our garden, we both enjoyed this talk, and Barry was an excellent speaker, and his presentation was full of useful tips and stuff we did not know.

Home and then off to see Beth, who is puppy sitting Pippi at the moment. Pippi doing very well, and Beth loving it lots. We took it to the dog-friendly Better Half and had a bite and a beer there. Everyone a bit tired though, and we went home fairly early.

Below part of one of the table row's exhibits. And below, the school's winning tulip.