New starts

First of the Month. Pat confirmed I have a week of freelance work to look forward to next week.  Just as well as the Chiswick agency's pencil for next week failed. Otherwise I slunk indoors, working on the horror story, although not so fluently as earlier in the week, waiting for another section of the story to open up before me magically. Lorraine working from home first thing this morning, which was nice.

In the evening, after L got home from work, and I had a short walk, listening to the beginning of The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty. Starts ominously, which is what you want with horror.

In the evening, L and I jumped in a cab and went to the Station pub in Hove. John and Matt were setting up for their gig. Confusingly, their band, Body Talk, have a new bassist, also called John, who sports a near identical beard to our John's. They have a new singer, called Amy, who was pretty good too. This leaves  Matt to focus more on guitar and some backup vocals. They played lots of new tunes, very well, and it was the best I'd ever heard them play. Our John's drumming was exceptional, particularly in the cover of Smooth Criminal.  I mentioned this afterwards to John. I also had a nice chat with Matt too.

We sat with Betty and Laura, and ate some good pub grub. Enjoyed hanging out with them very much. Laura moving into a new flat soon with her boyfriend Braheem. Was recalling Laura's car she had when she leaned to drive, which she customised with eyelashes. I liked those eyelashes, although Laura seems slightly embarrassed by them now. L and I keeping our fingers crossed for an audition Beth has next week.