Blustery Sunday

Up fairly early this morning, and then Lorraine and I walked down to The Geese to meet up with Catherine and Tanya at noon for a tasty early roast lunch. They were excellent company as usual. Catherine making a point about money which is so obvious, that money is a very emotional subject for people. And people often shun dealing with it because of its scariness, and boredom. This we followed by walked down the road to their home to have a piece of Jamaican ginger cake and admire their cats.

Then a walk home again, blown uphill by the blustery wind. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to sleep, and reading a poor story by Thomas Ligotti, and spoke to Mum and Toby this evening. Mum's next door neighbours, the concrete dog people, increasingly eccentric. Toby all well despite it being a hard winter. I mustered my ducks in a row for going up to the agency by the river in Hampton tomorrow.