Mum in the Salisbury

Up and working on the horror story for a bit this morning, after I had prepared three invoices. At eight o'clock the next door neighbours gardener came to mow the lawn. A tiny thing I could have done with my human powered mower in under three minutes. This job took a professional gardener half an hour's noise pollution with the world's noisiest strimmer, followed by half an hour of electric mowing. Baffling, and deafening.

However, off to Brighton, and there caught a train up to meet mum in town. Reading a Thomas Ligotti story and translating something into English for Val on the train. We met in the Salisbury, and just hung out there having a couple of drinks and eating, gave her a card for Mother's day, and a couple of ciders and we shared a bowl of nachos and shot the breeze. Mum reminded me that Dave had once had a shop in St Peter Port, which I had forgotten if I ever knew it. Nice to reminisce and chat with Mum. Fond farewells after a few hours and I hopped on a train home, and Mum zoomed back up to Edgware. Mason has new hearing aids, which are going to be turned up in volume slowly. Apparently he is listening to the TV really quietly and jumping at noises all the time.

I forgot to take a photo of Mum in the Salisbury. Next time I will.

Home and did a smidge of work, and Lorraine brought Beth back with her, as Beth is staying for a couple of nights with us. Beth in need of soft food having had a wisdom tooth extracted the day before. I nipped out to the Red Chillies and scored some takeaways, and watched a cheery Greek woman win the Masterchef Final before a surprisingly early night.