Lorraine's second joker

Saturday, some time before eight a sound of roaring flames and a workman re-coating next door's kitchen roof. Betty chatting with him, having an early morning coffee and cigarette outside, a conversation she replayed with voices to us before going to work.

Up fairly early, and pottering about. We went to sit in Hove Town Hall for a while waiting to see the parking people, as we need a new yearly permit for the car. Then a shopping in Hove where I judiciously invested in some brown shoelaces. Then Sainsbury's and back home to sit in the garden for a bit as although there was a bit of sea mist over the water, it was a warm and sunny day.

Beth home tonight and we ate salmon, and salad, and the ladies did some jigsawing, while I read an absolutely wonderful short story by Thomas Ligotti called In the Shadow of Another World. When he is good, he is exceptional. Then a game of three-handed euchre, enlivened by Lorraine producing a second joker during one hand. All well, and Lorraine won.