Tile rattling high winds this morning. A chair in our back garden was flung several yards into the garden from the decking, and a tree came down in a nearby road, lucky I suppose that all the leaves aren't out as there would have been more.

Up fairly early, and scanning some ancient sample material to send to the MD of the company I will be talking to on Monday. It is only the second time in all the years I have worked for myself that I have had to prove to anyone I can write, and this despite the fact the MD's right hand woman was someone I worked with closely for a few years. Sent what I have off.

Then Lorraine and I had a slow breakfast with Trace, then more chats till we drove her down to the station. Whenever I see Trace I always feel that a good deal of proper talking has been done. L and I squeezed her at the station and wished her will in Scotland. By coincidence Lorraine booked some train tickets up to Edinburgh for us to see Sam and Jade. Looking forward to this as I have been thinking about Scotland a lot, and have based some of the story I am working on there too. So will be good to refresh myself on it.

Text from Tobs asking about the Summer holiday, which seems a long while off at the moment.

Then Lorraine and I toddled around Sainsbury's and continued chilling out at home. An episode of Endeavour which, for reasons unknown to me, I find disproportionately comforting.

Nicked this pic from facebook of Surrenden Road, a two minute walk from us.