Lorraine and I had great fun today, falling on the garden. There are big plans for this year, if the stars align. Lorraine had an idea for a pile of pots set one upon the other in decreasing sizes full of gravel mixed with compost and she poked in the succulents we bought yesterday. I mowed our little lawn and planted another fern, and Lorraine created order in the rest of the garden. At one point she nipped indoors and returned with a jug of Pimms rattling with ice and full of bits of fruit, and some bits of cheese and cut up apple, and some Italian dried bread snacks and we sat outside for the first time this year. It was hot in the sun, and cool out of it.

A luxurious afternoon snooze late in the afternoon, as I still feel a bit drained and sore throated. Called Mum, and chatted about meeting up next week, then sat with Lorraine as she cooked, which is always fun.

Watched two TV documentaries, one about the golden age of Children's TV, and another Deep Ocean voiced by David Attenborough about bioluminescent deep sea creatures, which was great. One theory was that deep sea creatures use the light as camouflage, as predators usually come from below, and being able to emit a wee gleam makes them blend in with the faint light coming from above. Although they were still busy gleaming at night, so I'm not sure if that works.

The strange opening flower of 'watch with mother' gave me a Proustian thrill. One of those things that stands at the edge of  your memory, and seeing it exactly the same again is amazing.

Finished reading The Call of Cthulhu today, by H.P. Lovecraft. Quite astonishing levels of racism in it, even for the time, but otherwise quite interesting.

Below a black and white flower unfolds in my deepest memory, and a deepwater jelly with gorgeous bioluminescence.