A breather

Waiting for an update from both clients today, but update came there none. Treated the day as a breather, and simply got on with my own horror work for a bit. And sent some of the photos to Richard. Looking again at the story that had come out of nowhere yesterday, and toying with another short story. Later I returned to the novel, when it was clear no freelance was going to arrive. Mooched into town this morning, and went to the gym, and came back and simply worked on my own stuff. Only did the cross trainer as my back was at me.

Home and feeling tired I even had a luxury 40 minute snooze. Read The Last Feast of Harlequin today. Thomas Ligotti writes some excellent stuff, and this story a bit less clotted than some of his earlier stuff. Lorraine and I watched Fleabag which was excellent, lovely acting and every line a zinger.

Here is the cover of my Ligotti book. I'm learning a lot from his approach to horror.