Felt utterly rubbish this morning as I walked to Shadric's studio office. As I turned off London Road onto Tongdean Avenue, the road narrows under the railway bridge. A woman was made to fall off her bike by a car. I was too busy looking around me and being creeped out by listening to The Exorcist to notice what had happened. Voluble swearing from the bicycle woman, and the car that was involved also driven by a young woman. It all blew over though and nobody was hurt thankfully.

I arrived at Shadric's studio running with sweat, with a headache, achyness, painful throat and generally exhausted. Typical. Cancelled a few cheeky beers with Anton scheduled for tonight.

Slipped out at lunchtime to buy a pack of paracetamols at the shops in Eldred Avenue. Also bought a vegetarian sausage roll made with kidney beans, tiny cafe there, with four people having an awkward business meeting, with one bloke being incredibly self important about the subject of signage.

Nice chatting with Shadric. Walked home with a rubbish back, then simply sat about on the sofa. Lorraine cooked for us, and then we both went to bed at nine, Lorraine making me an Ovaltine. I fell asleep quickly, feeling poor, but very happy to be in bed.