Unacceptable cats

Jostling the larks to get up this morning. Worked at the bowel business, and sent it off before 8:30. Then a bit of my stuff before getting feedback, and reworked the stuff till just before the deadline of 1.00pm, and made a schoolboy error. I had been working on the file attached to the email and not saved it. Lost all my work, missed the deadline (something I never do) and had to redo it. A good deal of highly reprehensible swearing followed as I frantically and unsuccessfully tried to reclaim the file just as Beth and John were leaving, Beth off to London for auditions, having nicely made me a sausage sandwich before they did so.

Lorraine noticed a weird smell this morning in the living room, but searching around for prawny cat sick revealed nothing. It was only during the course of the day that my nose led me to the big houseplant pots to discover the cats had decided overnight to employ them as litter trays. This leading to grappling with cat poos, and hefting stinky plant pots into the garden, and washing an odoriferous floor. Calliope and Brian firmly in the bad books & Lorraine said their behaviour was unacceptable.

Janet visiting the hospital today, and relieved and reassured by what they told her about her recent operation. I was very pleased for her. I had meant to pop around, but the work debacle prevented this. Facetimed with Mum today too. Cats there the source of problems. The cat flap has broken which means letting the cats in and out, and guarding against the evil intruder cat. 

L and I watched Wolf Hall again tonight, the feline reek having abated. I'm really enjoying it.