Of bowels and boozers

Up early, sending a few more words to Helen for the music piece. She is happy with what I've sent her so far.

Found out the freelance booking for next week seems to be cancelled, which somewhat galling. Today, however I delved into the mysteries of irritable bowels and wrote about them, while Beth practiced singing her tunes for the audition in her bedroom, and Lorraine drove about the county and then taught governors in the evening.

Caught up with Sophie briefly, who had broken an ankle at the end of last year but otherwise seemed okay, despite having gone with Electra to the funeral of a friend earlier in the day.

I sloped off to meet Anton in the Shaky Head, but as it was busy with pup quizzers, one of whom was rather elbowy at the bar we sat at, and had to be reminded of his manners. We repaired to the Good Companions where the pub grub we ordered was dropped en route to our table, and we were given the price of one meal back, which we shrewdly reinvested in beer. Nice to hang out with Anton as ever, and to hear how he is looking forward to March. And good to meet up in a pub, as I have done precious little drinking in pubs in recent months.

After fond farewells, I grabbed a lazy taxi at Seven Dials. Everyone abed when I got home, Lorraine shattered after marathon drives.