Off to see Pat and Maureen

A piece of toast, then Lorraine, Beth and I drove off to Kent to see Pat and Maureen. A surprisingly swift journey, listening to Kermode and Mayo reviewing 50 Shades of Grey movie among other things.

Nice to have an excuse to relax, and scarf down some roast lamb, apple strudel and custard plus fresh strawberries. I enjoyed wandering about in the garden with Pat, looking at his newly planted onions and shallots, overlooking the fresh poo Basil had done there, and discussing the virtues of black and red grasses.

After eating, Beth, Lorraine and Maureen sitting on the sofa doing various types of online shopping. Maureen also gave Beth a starter kit for knitting, and they continued as a comedy duo for some time afterwards.

I settled down happily to watch some Rugby, Scotland against Wales, and remembering all those schoolboy Saturdays, in the scrum, and having my hand stamped on by studded feet and so on. A happier business watching other people do it, that's for sure.

Eventually it was time to go home, my favourite mother in law giving me a can of ginger beer for the journey home, which we did listening to Classic FM. A really relaxing day.

Nice that Lorraine has no work tomorrow. The usual Sunday night glooms simply not there.

Below Mum's painting of Cobo, which we went to we were all in Guernsey, and Fat Basil, desporting herself attractively.