Ascent from Beaky Bottom

After spending the first part of the week, thinking everything I've written was rubbish, I was gripped today by an idea that came to me in the morning and spent several hours working on it. An unusually long piece for me it was too, in several parts. As ever with these things only time will tell if it is any good.

Off into town today, to obtain a much needed hair cut. I have also shaved my beard off, so I look exceedingly clean cut at the moment. After this, I slunk into a cafe for a hour to worked on the new edit of Skelton Yawngrave. It changes the bias of the story, in a way that is I hope fixing many of the problems.  

Felt rather pleased by all this. Lorraine also in a highly good mood due to now being on holiday for a week, and having finished the almighty backlog of reports she had to write after her school visits. We grabbed Beth and made off to The Shahi, by way of celebration. Beth cheery too, with auditions that have gone well, and the shoot of an advert happening next week, for which she has managed to get John in as an extra.

We all walked home from the restaurant, climbing up from Beaky Bottom (aka the bottom of Beaconsfield Villas). A bit of a hike compared to our former visits when we would simply cross the road and be almost home. The climb made speedier, however, by Beth and Lorraine's elaborate mime of hauling themselves up the hill with a rope. And so to bed.