Lorraine starts her week's holiday

Lorraine at home, so no six-something start. I got up and worked on various bits and pieces in my office after bringing my lovely wife some breakfast in bed.

In the afternoon Lorraine and I drove off in the icy rain to buy some paint for the kitchen, some compost, a bag of stones, pansies and so on. In the evening Lorraine and I did some painting in the kitchen, adding some zingy bright green colour, Lorraine also fiddling about happily with the pansies.

In the evening, I hobbled off to the poetry workshop session. Left my pesky wallet at home, too which meant I had to borrow some cash to catch the bus home. Some excellent work by some of the attendees today. Sadly mine (an old one) not quite up to scratch.

Home and Beth, back from London and having her bad heel treated, bemoaning the fact that the amount of stitches she's knitting started off at 40, but is now 46.