Luscious lime

Up and finishing the addition of luscious lime to our kitchen walls. Then a frenzy of moving things about in my study, and decisively hanging lots of pictures up in the house. All this seemed to take up a good deal of the day, and broken by popping out for some pies at lunchtime.

I spent the afternoon and evening working in my office. Lorraine had Jan, Helen and Dawn round for dinner, and I left the ladies to it after squeezing them all hello. It was the first of their regular get togethers since Helen's son died, and I think the evening did them all good, and there was lots of laughter too.

Dawn popped up to talk about the day with gifted and talented kids we are doing next month, which will be fun, and will necessitate going down into the air raid shelters in the school. I also sorted out my Golden Weasel birthday present night with Klaudia in April.

When the ladies left I watched this week's episode of Wolf Hall, which has been done really well.  Lorraine sniffing a bit this evening. Off to Leeds tomorrow.