Bits and pieces

A day of bits and pieces. Lorraine spoiling me with porridge and tea in bed. An early start this morning writing a new list. Later I went to see those running dogs of capitalism HSBC bank to provide some ID for an account with Robin, as filling an online form didn't work because I have moved address. The ID I took, a passport and a bank statement for Peter Kenny at Peter Kenny The Writer Ltd wasn't enough to convince them I was a criminal mastermind posing as Peter Kenny. Had to quell the urge to point out that only criminals in the room were the HSBC.

Then off across the park in the sunshine to meet Janet, with whom I popped into the breast care clinic to be an extra pair of ears. This done, and a good prognosis for Janet obtained, we jumped into a cab for a cup of coffee back home at Janet and Ken's place.

Returning home I popped into the friendly ONCA gallery to see an exhibition called The Cancer Landscape to get material for another blog post. Finished We are all completely beside ourselves this evening. A book I thought I was going to hate shortly after starting it, but ended up rather enjoying.