Open door

An day when things came to me, though I was simply sitting in my office with the cats barging in and out of the room. An offer of some freelance work with my pals in Tavistock Square, which I happily agreed to for the next couple of weeks, what with the Kenny coffers being in a state of déshabillé.

Heard from Bob, walking his dog in snowy Salisbury. His dog doesn't understand about vehicles and wants to run under them all the time. I've never felt like that on a walk with Bob.

Sent some first words off to Helen for our Centaur project. Excellent to work with someone with infectious enthusiasm. Was also contacted by Sue Rose a poet I saw reading with Tammy and Rhona, and we swapped a poem. She sent me her poem A Guided Tour, which reminded me of one of mine, An Adumbration of the Light Age. A Guided Tour is gorgeous, very different to mine, but shares that looking back on a past time from the future conceit. Having slipped away from the reading feeling rather trapped nervy in the back, it was good to make contact. Also contacted by Amanda over there in sunny NZ, who is dreaming up another board game, based on Guernsey.

Meanwhile Beth suddenly got lots of auditions coming through today, and is excitedly choosing songs and wardrobes. One for an advert requires her to be a modern day Mary Poppins. In the late afternoon we drove her off getting glimpses of the sunset sea off to Hove Lagoon, where she was doing some teaching, and Lorraine and I went to a hardware store to look at things to do with radiators.

Returned where I cooked, but had some kind of brain thing where I simply doubled the amount of rice we needed. Lorraine and I then continued our Spiral obsession. Luckily we are up to date now, and so have to wait for it to be broadcast. I wonder if you watched enough of them if it might help you speak French fluently.