Spangles and melodies

Dreaming this morning that I had a migraine, when I woke up my vision was full of the familiar spangles and flashing lights of a migraine attack. This has never happened before. Luckily, as Lorraine was on holiday, and I had nothing too pressing I could simply go back to sleep again until the worst of it had passed off.

I managed a good day nevertheless, and in the afternoon I caught the bus to Hove to Helen Russell's place. Helen had been working in a frenzy on the piece, inspired by the section of libretto I had sent her. There were sheets of manuscript with rapidly pencilled sections. She also played me, using the music program Sibelius, some of her Requiem, which had minimalist elements as well as modern romantic. Helen's music is full of melody.

Then home, which took a long time, and required me to take a detour to by a Valentine's card and, impulsively, Valentine's donuts. Slept when I got home, still feeling the after effects of the morning, then feeling steadily better spoke to Mum, whose cat flap trials are over now and had a pleasant night in with Lorraine and Betty.