Providing evidence

Leaning down to open something in the kitchen this morning and my lower back seized up painfully, in a completely different place to where I have had a trapped nerve. This small thing led to a day of gloom despite the fact I was in my office and thinking about skeletons, as well as writing a blog post about ghosts having been set thinking about them by Reuben's text yesterday.

Lorraine returned home and I cooked a slimming meal featuring large prawns which I had to de-vein, a job I have never done before, and the pulling the poo threads out of crustaceans seems a bizarre activity.

An interesting interlude tonight, when Reuben introduced us again to his son Jem, now ten. Good to see Reuben who was looking extremely dapper, and talk to Jem who is a charming and intelligent boy. Jem is conducting his own open-minded investigations into cryptids such as yetis and big foot, and other aspects of the supernatural. He had asked his dad if he knew anyone who had seen a ghost, and he thought of me to provide an eyewitness account, as he sifts through his evidence. We had an interesting discussion.